Patatland” exhibition (Michel Devaux): extension!

Posted on : 19-06-2023

Practical information

Location: Home Frit' Home, rue des Alliés 242, 1190 BXL

Date: on 01/07/2023, from 13:30 to 01/07/2023 to 18:30

Date: on 02/07/2023, from 13:30 to 02/07/2023 to 18:00


Home Frit' Home and its Micro Fries Museum are pleased to announce the extension of the temporary exhibition "Patatland"! The work of the painter Michel Devaux, which transposes our society into the anonymous universe of potatoes, will still be visible this first weekend of July, on the occasion of our open doors, free and free. Spread the word!

Diving in Patatland, with Michel Devaux

With the "Patatland" exhibition, Michel Devaux invites you to an anthropo-patatière immersion in the slightly surrealist universe of "Patatland". There, on this great island-continent which floats and moves constantly on the oceans, the potato is presented as a metaphor for the collective human being. Childhood, loves, pleasures of existence, life in society... "The simple metaphor of potatoes concealed an unlimited field of possibilities: with them, I could deal with anonymity, human feelings, universals, situations the most diverse. They immediately placed my paintings in the generality, while giving them a great evocative force. (...) Everyone, therefore, could see their neighbor there or, even, choose to recognize themselves there, ”explains Michel Devaux. The first exhibition in Belgium of the painter Michel Devaux. Don't miss it, you would peel your imagination!


From the origins of Fries to Belgium

At the Micro Musée de la Frite in Brussels, more than 975 objects, documents and unpublished creations pay tribute to the Frite as we experience it in Belgium. From the fries stand to popular song, through history, gastronomy, literature, illustration, etc. the fries come out of their cone with humor and friendliness. Fries are expressed through the Fritkot Culture, recognized as intangible and cultural/oral heritage in Belgium since 2017..

Notice to QR Code hunters of the STIB's "Bougeons nos quartiers" operation: the QR Code Home Frit' Home will be freely accessible again this first weekend of July!

FREE ENTRANCE. Fried garden and micro-shop open. Rue des Alliés 1190 Brussels (Forest). Trams: 82, 97. Buses: 52, 49.

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