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Belgian Fries Micro Museum

With over 800 objects of various kinds, the Belgian Fries Micro Museum in Home Frit' Home invites you to explore the rich world of these little golden potato sticks in all their many manifestations.

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Unique funky lodging

Home Frit' Home offers you boutique accommodation in a funky town house apartment sleeping 1 to 6 with a garden… and the unique experience of immersion in all that is Belgian!

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Belgo-belgian art gallery

At Home Frit' Home, artists have the opportunity to display their own, unique vision of Belgium. Their take is essentially “quirky” whatever the medium used: painting, photography, sculpture, design, etc.

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Find Home Frit’ Home books, postcards... and also quirky objects from Belgian creators. Delivered to your home or to take away!

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Home Frit' Home

Fancy a Pâques of fries? The Micro Museum opens its doors to you!

If French... oups, Belgian fries are a very serious subject, they never take themselves seriously. It even surfs on the surrealist swirls, Belgian like her. 800+ objects, documents and creations, as well as a micro cinema, await you this first weekend of April 2024. Entrance to the Micro Fry Museum in Brussels is free.

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Home Frit' Home

History of French (Belgian) Fries

Fritkot Culture is the fruit of a long tradition. The history of the Fry? It all starts, of course, with the potato, introduced to our region by 16th century explorers. But it would be necessary to wait until the 18th century before it was widely consumed.

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Saturday 3 mai 2014. Live painting demonstration with the artist MONK. His "Molotov Pis" is painted for eternity on the garden's wall of Frit' Home!


Interview of one of the founders of Home Frit' Home with Jacques Remacle (Arts & Public, "100 musées gratuits chaque premier dimanche du mois").

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