Belgian Fries Museum

With over 800 objects and exhibits of various kinds, the Belgian Fries Museum invites you to explore the rich world of these little golden potato sticks in all their many manifestations through the Culture Fritkot / Frietkotcultuur:

At Home Frit’ Home documents and vintage artefacts help recapture the genuine History of Belgian Fries… which may or may not have its roots in those fish shapes cut from potatoes somewhere around Namur in the 17th and 18th centuries… !

The Belgian Fries Museum introduces you to the world of the “friturists” (the people who make Belgian fries) and lets you into the secret of how to cook the perfect fry. Savour the original taste of Belgian fries through numerous stories and accounts from the past…

As you’ll discover from the prints on display at the Belgian Fries Museum, fries have often been associated with humour… from as far back as the 19th century in fact… Indeed, the Belgians are so famous for their fries… that the French nickname for Belgians is none other than “les frites”! As you’ll see at Home Frit’ Home, self-mockery has often been the best way of rising above such things…

At Home Frit’ Home, discover how and how often Belgian fries have been put to music, in every period, in every register and in every style. Listen to them in the Belgian Fries Museum in Brussels !

strip is a fascinating one! According to certain publications, such as ‘Asterix in Belgium’, fries were invented with the Roman invasion of Gaul… or maybe not? The answer could be in the Belgian Fries Museum in Brussels !

Fries and the fashion world – are we on dangerous territory perhaps? Not in the least! It’s an unlikely but successful marriage… as Elvis Pompilio’s original headgear “Brussels fries” shows.

Have you any idea how difficult it is to get hold of old postcards of stalls selling fries? The Home Frit’ Home Belgian Fries Museum proudly presents more than 15 years of dedicated postcard hunting! The result is a collection of cards showing everything from stalls selling fries to sales girls and historical figures from the world of the fried potato.

Playmobil figures with fries, vintage toys, and more modern ones that are just as extraordinary… These are all on display at the Belgian Fries Museum in Home Frit’ Home, alongside “souvenirs of Belgium”… seasoned with all kinds of sauce and more than a little spice !


Every first weekend of the month:
– Saturday: 13:30 – 18:30
– Sunday: 13:30 – 18:00

Or by appointment.

Free entrance.


We organize guided tours for small groups to explore together the 1001 secrets of the Belgian Fries.

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